SoulWisdom Energy Healing is a remarkable methodology for contacting a person's HolySpirit, anywhere in the world, so that their most painful emotional and karmic blocks can be absolved on all seven levels of awareness.  Advanced Psyche Doctors, trained in the transcendental state of the unconscious, archetypal world, learn to "diagnose" various archetypes and unconscious personas, or personalities that often carry a great deal of suppressed anger, insecurity, inadequacy, terror, depression, victimization.  It's the SoulWisdom practitioner's job to interpret what the person's HolySpirit shows her/him, and with powerful energy commands, absolve and release the unconscious persona completely, to the Subconscious level!  This means that the persona and all its emotional tragedy are completely released and absolved, and no longer plays a role in their karma of personal experiences because it is no longer in a person's "quantum code".  The relief affects a person not only with better health, but wondrous changes in their life as well.  Removing a past-life decision or attitude at the Subconscious level (this is what a quantum shift really is) means that they can now live in a much better parallel reality, that was always there, waiting for such a miracle, so that the benefic parallel reality can then download and be made-real.

Hypnosis is the closest to SoulWisdom, but the great benefit of accomplishing these subconscious shifts remotely is this:  In hypnosis, the person brings painful stuff to the conscious level of awareness, and re-lives those tragic emotions.  With SoulWisdom this is thankfully not necessary.  Who wants to remember a lifetime of starvation, or religious persecution, or WWII? Would that person like to re-live all that heartbreak, or terror, on a hypnosis couch?  Indeed not!

When a person experiences a SoulWisdom session, they are simply instructed to go about their day, and just relax.  In their emailed report, they are given a diagnosis of the unconscious personas/archetypes that are being released over the next few days.  There are multudious examples of those which is why I request that my practitioners study Ramtha's teachings as reference material, so they know, from a Hierophant of ancient Egypt (Amon) and the great Rama of the Hindu religion, who has taught thoroughly, exquisitely and profoundly, the Human Drama. With great knowledge, SoulWisdom's technique profoundly and exquisitely evolves a God, from the painful reality they are living in, to a more peaceful place where they can then create reality instead of having reality happen to them.  "This reality found you because you had no creation" -- Ramtha  Wouldn't you like to deeply study a Teacher like that?

We're all in a "box" of trying to figure things out. There's counseling, psychiatry, Life Coaching, so that we can train our Intellect/Mental to think on better ways. And sometimes the old voices go away, hence there's been a permanent Change at the Subconscious level.  But for most of us, trying to re-work the "box", while still remaining in the "box" is just about as slow as reincarnating, over and over and over again, with little progress made at the quantum/subconscious level.  Getting out of the box is the same as cultivating the transcendental state of detaching from it.  Carol Hathor, “As long as this fabulous brain is the vehicle of Gods, then Gods who desire to wake up all of its mystery and magic need to purposefully cultivate the transcendental state”, with knowledge (Ramtha) and training (Ramtha's disciplines and my copyrighted method, the Level 1 class)."

The Mind of God within you is waiting, beaconing for It to do its magic, uniquely through you, when you Understand the Journey, and Infinite Mind is never exhausted nor boring.

Time is not linear.  Will you belong to the new consciousness of the future, or reincarnate back into the past, to suffer your karmic debt of undermining women, for example, or an unconscious insistence of suffering? There is no suffering in the future. The future is profound. Those who Vision~Imagine the future belong to it; those who are stuck in their same mental ruts of emotional addictions are likely to reincarnate onto a past-timeline. Some people have been re-living the same lifetime over and over.  We all know by now that there was no "Rapture" or "Mass- Ascension".  Both Christian and New-Agers were working from scraps of ancient truth. And clearly, we don’t have ‘ghost’ strands of DNA. There’s no such thing as 12-strand DNA. The divine double-helix is fully-loaded with everything that any God needs. It’s a matter of unplugging disease-codes and awakening realization codes. I’m glad all this is becoming apparent; I remember, before 2012, how I’d just roll my eyes at all that fake prophecy and go, “Oh Dear”!  Now we can laugh with relief.

Also, if you are righteous, truthful, and preparing for the Landings, the "harvest of souls", as it is termed in the Book of Revelations, then you will also adore a 10-minute YouTube video, published by RSE (Ramtha's School of Enlightenment).

Ramtha - Divine Intervention and Free Will

The full teaching is "The Spiritual Journey" (DVD parts 1 and 2)

The benefits of SoulWisdom sessions are numerous.  Based on empirical evidence of hundreds of testimonials, SoulWisdom sessions are helping people to enjoy more peace and calm; heal the relationship to Self and to others, such as lovers, co-workers, parents, siblings or friends; enjoy increased mental and spiritual clarity; enjoy greater emotional evenness; and most say that beneficial opportunities and life-changes happen in their lives as if by magic, when unconscious blockages are removed.

It's very possible, but not guaranteed, that people can cut back on current medications (under medical supervision) and heal physical ailments. If you read the "Testimonials" page you'll see that this applies across a wide range of illnesses. Why?  When you understand this, you'll really "get it":  Every attitude has an unconscious archetype, and hence, runs a program of unwellness in the brain. When that holographically-stored archetype is unplugged from the brain's neural nets, "erased" if you will, then that issue heals, and its illness (physical manifestation) heals as well.  Sometimes several sessions are required and this is because the attitude sometimes has many "layers" of neural nets.  But I can pretty much guarantee you that the true source of all healing is accessing the core neural net and unplugging the "program"/archetype from it.

This is what SoulWisdom sessions do, and hence, is why so many people testify to such a variety of benefits from their sessions.

The completion of the Auric Clearing session clears the way for access to your individual Akashic Records. We are all familiar with the concept of "karma" though we may not feel or believe in past lives. SoulWisdom Karmic Sessions have been developed to remove the emotional blocks created by our interactions with others, and unresolved emotional issues from past lives.

"I was very aware that I had strong religious imprints pertaining to the Catholic Church. These were carried on into this life, so much so that I nearly became a nun. I always had guilt feelings regarding sex etc. and the feeling that I wasn't good enough or perfect enough. I tried to help myself with [other alternative modalities].  I am a Master of both modalities, however, as you pointed out, the issues needing attention were not CLEARED via the mentioned modalities thus most problems returned needing attention again and again. I felt huge relief after the Auric Clearing.  I feel as if a weight that was stuck there has gone leaving me feeling as if I can finally breathe!  May you have a wondrous life embraced in love , light , JOY AND PEACE. Thank you for being here and assisting so many to become free!"  VP - Croatia

These harsh self-judgements are the contradictory voices in our head. We can all identify with the voice of the inner critic, the voice of doubt, insecurity, blame, distrust.

These voices are hardwired into the brain as programming based on our choices, decisions, and our world view. These voices exacerbate our emotional wounds and further alienate us from our Observer. SoulWisdom Karmic Sessions identify these unconscious programs of self judgment and the circumstances under which they were first created. Karmic Sessions identify the archetypes of the voices and absolve them, which peels away layers of self judgement and emotional attitudes. Bringing these past emotional traumas and emotional agreements to light enables you to form new agreements that are more in line with your current understanding and wisdom.

Your Karmic Session Report details the archetypes of painful emotional attitudes that your Observer asked us to absolve. We encourage you to take the time to read the report carefully, so that you can notice that the harshness of the particular voices that we removed has been diminished. In most sessions, the relief from particular voices is significant, and because the neuronets of the program are unplugged, the removal is permanent. Over time, if you allow us to periodically unplug more layers of programmed voices, you will experience ever-greater peace of mind and a greater ability to create joy in your life.

I encourage you to experience a SoulWisdom session, because experience tells the story better than words. I also encourage you to read this website for more information.  I look forward to the opportunity to help you on your journey by sharing this marvelous work.


Carol Hathor

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The Auric Clearing is $85. The Karmic Sessions are $95.

Two Karmic Sessions scheduled at the same time totals $180.


I am a fabulous practitioner of clearing unconscious nemesis, but it takes a Master Teacher to lead someone into their Joy -- their Mastery  -- and Ramtha certainly knows how to do that!  As I understand it, it is OK for me to quote Ramtha, in other words, to be the "runner" or "messenger" of the Teachings to you, but you can't possibly get Ramtha's whole holograms, on all seven levels of your awareness, from quotes.  This is why I beseech you to adopt Ramtha as your Teacher. 

If you build a library of Ramtha CDs, DVDs, Books, you will be on a marvelous journey.  Please experience the magic and inspiration and fabulous wisdom of a Master Teacher!  Please also consider attending Beginner's Retreat at Ramtha's amazing School as well!! (go to for information)

"Carol, Thank you so much for turning our attention to Ramtha as these truths are priceless in our opinion. Major, major shift in consciousness already our reality."  Steve in New York

"Dear Carol, Ramtha's teachings are awesome and I hope to attend a Beginner's Retreat.  I've been trying to sort out the New Age mumbo-jumbo for a long time.  Thank you for introducing me to Ramtha!!!"  -- Guy Volker in South Africa

I also beseech you to not re-teach the Ramtha teachings, when you begin to “turn on” to fabulous Knowledge. Not only is it a copyright violation, which it should be, but you’d be doing a disservice to people, because then they tend to think that they know the teachings, and this aborts their own personal experiences of a Heirophant, and if they decide that they already know, then this robs them of the Magic of having a true Master Teacher in their life, one-on one! Be a righteous Runner... advocate Ramtha materials and his fabulous School, through their own experience of CDs, DVDs, Books, and Ramtha’s fabulous School.  I’m all about helping people clear their “karma”, not adding to it, or to my own, and it would sadden me greatly if I was not contributing to the spreading of Ramtha’s knowledge in the world.  Conversely, knowing that I am a fabulous Runner gives me great joy.  Your Greatening, through experiencing Ramtha, will astound and enchant and inspire you.  

Thank you for listening!

My love to you!



I wholeheartedly agree with this disclaimer, which is required from Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE):

The views expressed here are Soul Wisdom Energy Transformation's own and do not necessarily represent the views of JZK Inc., JZ Knight, or Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.

Ramtha® is a trademark of JZ Knight.

SoulWisdom Energy Transformation is not an agent or authorized representative of JZ Knight or of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, and SoulWisdom has no affiliation therewith.

Ramtha is my Teacher, and his books, booklets, CDs and DVDs are the reference materials for SoulWisdom's methodology. Carol Hathor is not an authorized representative of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.

I hope this disclaimer encourages you to purchase Ramtha books, CD's, videos, cassettes for your firsthand teachings by a Master Teacher. SoulWisdom is a methodology that uses these teachings as reference material.

"Psyche Doctor" or "PsD" is in no way intended to refer to allopathic medicine or medical "doctors". A Psyche Doctor is a "doctor" of the psyche, hence the name. We will be initiating trademark protection for both "Psyche Doctor" and "PsD". 

SoulWisdom sessions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  SoulWisdom sessions are not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician.

The key to changing the way we are treated by people in our lives, and our experience of life, is in recognizing and absolving our emotional attitudes that are deeply embedded in our common thoughts and are difficult to self-identify and change. Effecting this recognition and absolving pain-causing attitudes at the subconscious level is the beauty of SoulWisdom's methodology.

Though each of us develop and view the world in our own unique and individual way, we share the experience of being human. Each of us is gifted with a conscience that guides us in this shared experience. SoulWisdom calls this guiding conscience the "Soul". Yet the power to change lies within the Subconscious Mind, or the "Observer" in quantum physics. The Observer, the Subconscious is the part of our mind that encodes the potentials that manifest as our reality. The Soul holds the memory of our human experiences from past lives, and unless we change deeply-rooted attitudes and forgive traumas, the Subconscious carries out these codes as experience.  Therefore, to change our quantum codes of destiny, we must forgive the past at the subconscious level, so that the Soul will enact a loftier, more peaceful and fulfilling code of destiny. The Observer encodes the quantum law that creates our personal and collective reality, yet since it does not judge or control us, only sees and loves us, it gives us whatever we believe.  If we believe "God" is a jerk, our God-within will manifest experiences for us that reflect that attitude that we have chosen. 

One of the most painful, unconscious programs that people run is a brutal God-concept, that "God" might not love us. OY!  And that "He" might actually send us off to be tortured and burned for thousands and thousands and millions and billions of years.  The "Father-God" archetype, holographically stored in the brain, is often "webbed" neurologically to other archetypes, such as the "Inner Critic", the "Inner Victim", the "Inner Tyrant"... these personalities magnetize emotional pain and suffering.  Accessing a person's Deeper Self, that stores and animates these archetypes, and unplugging their programs at the subconscious level, has many advantages over modern counseling, because change is not so much a mental decision as it is a subconscious release. In short, it can be said that SoulWisdom may possibly be an advancement of hypnotherapy.

"Carol, once again you have left me speechless, humbled and awed.  The world doesn't know the "Power" you really are.  I thank God for your presence among us." CBooker, UK

"From my own experience I know that conventional psychiatry often cannot achieve what you realized with me.  Do you think the expertise about how you are helping people with removing their mental and emotional blocks will be spread more over the world?  I wonder why people had to suffer for decades, and sometimes their whole lives, without seeing any light at the end of the tunnel.  I never have expected that such a state of mind would be possible for me.  But you knew it before!!! THANK YOU!!"  RDB - Belgium

"I have been meditating for some years now, and have never experienced releases so powerful before.  I have been working on releasing those issues for years, and now they are gone in a matter of minutes thanks to you.  As I continue to release and heal, I am eternally thankful that I have found you and SoulWisdom.  There are no written words to express the love and gratitude I have for you, and all that you do for so many.  Know that you will remain in my thoughts and prayers eternally.  No doubt I will be contacting you again for another Karmic session in 2 months or so.  Thanks is just not enough, but Thank You....Thank You.....Thank You for all that you do in service to others." - BJ - CA, USA

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Regardless of our individual attitudes, the Subconscious views our choices without judgment and urges us towards peace and harmony with ourselves and others. When we choose to disregard our conscience (Soul), we disempower our mind's ability to guide our actions. We become entrenched in our emotional attitudes and create our lives from a place of hurt and misunderstanding.

SoulWisdom practitioners use their understanding of the Observer to connect with your deeper mind and identify the psychic wounds that create your emotional attitudes. By tapping in to the collective unconscious with the intent of contacting an individual Observer, we work directly with an individual psyche. SoulWisdom practitioners, working through their Observer, tune in to the Observer of the individual to identify and transform the thoughtforms of pain and suffering.

SoulWisdom gets results for anyone trained to do it. This would imply that it is true --  thoughtforms, or archetypes, become anchored in the feeling body and manifest as emotional attitudes. Our attitudes dictate the experience and people that we encounter in our lives. When our feelings of pain and dis-ease are left unresolved, they will eventually express themselves as physical illness.  As we grow up and develop our feeling body, we open the door to collective fears and pain, and integrate them as emotional attitudes. Once we identify and clear pivotal kinds of thoughtforms and attachments from the auric field, you will begin to experience subtle shifts in your personal reality. People and experiences change, begin to "move forward" more, after the Auric Clearing.

SoulWisdom practitioners have an in-depth understanding of these psychic connections, and are trained to reveal and absolve individual nemeses. SoulWisdom energy work is structured to clear our feeling bodies in a powerful, non-invasive way. We require that each individual begin their transformation with an Auric Clearing. Auric Clearings are the first step to removing the fears and pain that we adopt from the collective human consciousness.


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Carol Hathor at 53

Many clients would agree that you've arrived at one of the most powerful Mind-healing sites on the internet. 

“Dear Carol, I had a very prolonged wonderful inner connection in bed this morning.  It is everything I have hoped for and I can sense the direction this is going and am thrilled.  I tell you Carol, if this really is moving me the way it looks to be , you will have a lot of people contacting you in a while.  I realize I have a lot of friends that have followed my seekings over the years and seen the many attempts and disappointments.  To actually find life like this will be very important to many people. 

What can I say except I'm all in!”  ~Paul in Seattle

SoulWisdom Energy Transformation penetrates the deeper mind for more permanent and complete releases of unconsciously-held emotional terrors, guilt and unworthiness -- the source-attitudes of virtually every emotional discomfort and physical disease.

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The Auric Clearing removes layers of limiting beliefs and their corresponding etheric attachments that block free-flow of Life Force from the seven subtle bodies and chakra system.  Most people report almost immediate improvement in well being.  Most people feel a pleasant "high" as life force increases from blockage removals. It's as if these blockages prevent benefic life-events from happening, and when they are removed, peoples' lives begin to move out of stagnated places.  Within a year, significant changes will have very likely happened. Many people have a new job, move to a new location, have a new relationship or find current relationships improved. The Life Path naturally undergoes beneficial changes when these blockages are removed holographically from the seven subtle bodies.

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The Auric Clearing

Karmic Sessions

“A profoundly ingenious Remote Healing Method, unequivocally Light Years beyond many other kinds of therapies" -- spoken by a Psyche Doctor, educated in many alternative methods.

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